1. Visit
2. Click on various asset types to view items to be sold from those locations.
3. Accordingly, when you are done viewing, you can then decide to REGISTER and BID when the bid opens.


1. Sign in and click on "Auction Rooms" on the menu bar to view Auction Rooms. They are all listed according to asset categories.
2. Click "Practice on How to Bid " when you visit  Auction Rooms to practice how to 
3. You can access each room by clicking on the green "ENTER" button.
4. When you have entered a room, click on any of the published item's image to bid.
5. A pop-up will appear after clicking the image and subsequently, information about the item you are trying to bid for will become visible. Click BID NOW on the pop-up to enter a bid.
6. You can view bid history by clicking on "Bid History" to see how bids were entered competitively for the  particular asset.
Contact Chief Auctioneer (Hillary Nwaukor) on 08096664448 for further assistance if required.
7. It is an offence to bid for items you do not have intentions of paying for, you will banned upon default.


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